Upuaut's wine

I must say though… the best part of the 40 dollar wine, was not drinking it… it was eating it.

I’m a big fan of Julia Child, and when she tells me something I usually listen pretty closely, being no slouch in the kitchen. I had seen a show where she had a conversation about wine (surprise!!!) and what she said was this. When cooking with wine, it only makes sense that the better the wine, the better the dish. It stuck in my head.

The other part of the story is this. This Solstice, my mother bought me a mushroom growing kit. They have started to come up (first cycle) and I have gotten 4 large Portabellas out of it so far.

The largest of the bunch, I cut up last night, along with onion, lots of garlic, a little under one quarter cup of extra virgin olive oil, and a cup of 40 dollar wine. This I simmered for 20 minutes or so, and used as a dressing for a large steak my fiance had picked up.

So, needless to say, I was more than just drinking… I was relishing life.

Here is the result.

let me tell you… if you’ve never done it… go out and buy some “Stag’s leap”, cook it up with a steak. You will not be disapointed.

thanks upu…now I’m starving. That looks really good. I have to eat cafeteria food for the next 4 months. Then I come back home and I live off McDonalds (cuz I’m a manager there) Food for 3 months then I go back to cafeteria food when I go back to school. I wonder how i don’t gain weight.

eeeeekkkk… McD’s?? ack… never touch the stuff. :slight_smile:

lol…i work there, and I’m broke cuz i only make 7 dollars an hour. I’ve worked there for close to 4 years. you think they would pay me a little more…but wutever…i try to never touch the stuff, but I can’t afford to buy steak and good food like that. I miss steak…mmmmm steak…I don’t understand vegans…if we aren’t supposed to eat animals…then why are they made outta meat?

Lets see here. Some more evidence.

2 plates;
Veggie meal
1 wine
1 water
1 package parliament cigerettes (yuck)
T.V. not showing.
Stoneware plates
Farberware knive set
Formica table

Let tabulate, pom…
What do these things mean?


Phil…do they mean that he’s a communist spy?

Without a doubt he is a Communist spy. But it’s whether he really has a Butterfly Army of Communistic tree hugging, cigerette spewing, globe trotting butterflies with large teethe and udders to make butter with.


That is a 200 lbs wooden topped clasic Iron center table sir.

formica my ass

btw… I believe in god… I’ve mentioned that a couple of times… that kind of puts me at odds with communism… so yes, the next guess is probebly the correct one. I’m fascist of course.

Silly Americanas can’t tell one dictatorship from another… that’s due to your substandard Capitalist swine education systems.