Urgent...font Problem - Project On The Run :(

Got a problem…a big one.

I need to type Arabic in Flash. I’ve got a whole project running and I’m facing big time problems coz flash cannot type arabic.
Tried typing after installing arabic into Languages [windows],
Didn’t work - Gives Junk characters
Tried downloading arabic fonts,
Didn’t work - For some reason the letters don’t join while typing. Their all seperated!!
Finally, tried the only solution. Since there are loads of arabic text to be copied from Ms Word files, typing them manually would not be a good solution. So, i tried print screening and saving them as png/gif…and that made the text unreadable…due to the li’l holes each letter has…
The only thing left…was copy the text and paste them in MS Paint Brush…well that worked…and I can even change the bg color and the color of the text…but gimme a break…THAT SUCKS!! I can’t even change the font size and you don’t expect me to sit and color a million pages!!!


My question:

Does anyone know how to convert MS Word typed Arabic text into Vector format?

I’ve asked a couple of friends and they told me I could try it in Adobe Illustrator Middle East version [haven’t got that yet] …or Print screen and convert it from Adobe streamline…but…these are really hectic tasks coz if the text doesn’t turn up well, I gotta trace the path of each letter…And I have a life to enjoy instead of doing something like that…

So, somebody help…S.O.S.