Urgent help, i'm really on this!

I have this project for school that , i’m really lost.
I have this fla, with 9 images (squares) with 9 text boxes inside 9 movies.
And i have 9 words converted to 9 movie clips.
My objective, is to be possible to drag ( with easing, that i made it with a script of kirupa 's forum) the nine words into one of the 9 images and make the image that i drag the word into resize (with easing) to the width and height of the main movie clip, and if possible resize the word (that was been drag) proportional to the resize of the image.

My english is not very good, so i´m sorry for my english mistakes, but i could try explained better if someone try´s to help me.

So if someone could help me, thank´s in advanced :beer: