Urgent help needed with menu!

I have a menu that when you mouse over, an mc plays and when you click an swf loads. IF you mouse over super saturday (link below) you will see what happens. Now, what is the code when I mouse out so those 2 things that appeared will disappear? Also, when you click super saturday, you will see an swf that loads but it loads in between other layers and all other buttons are active outside the swf. How do I overlay it over everything then also have a close button on this swf? here is the code for a button:

blu.onRollOver = function() {
blu._parent.attachMovie(“link8”,“blu_mc”,1,this.ge tNextHighestDepth(10000));
sat.onRelease = function() {
loadMovie(“popup_saturday.swf”, “popup”);

and the site so far: