Urgent Navigational Menu Help

Need help regarding Navigation…

I wanna make a navigation menu and its sub-menu and its sub-sub menu.

I’m working for a tube fitting company where they want a simple horizontally scroller menu and its sub menu.
The navigation should be like

Tube Fittings—>Tube to male–>Metric and Fractional.

Something like


---------- 1. Tube to male pipe thread-//


---------- 2. Tube to Female pipe thread-//


---------- 3. Tube to Tube-//


and so on …

When I roll over on “Tube fitting”, Tube to male…menu should appear, and when I roll over on it, “Metric/Fractional” should appear and it’s having two different link for each. Every metric/Fractional buttons having a link. And there are around 60+ menu i’ve to make on same page.

Please suggest me any code(scripting) that should not take lots of buttons to make and should not take more time to load.

Any Suggestion will be appreciable…

Sounds like you can skip the Flash and just make a DHTML dropdown menu with javascript (or do it in Fireworks). Would “load” faster and be accessible to all w/o having to download a player, etc.

Try www.dynamicdrive.com for scripts and ideas.

hope this helps,