Urgent, please help with the scroll thing

ok i have attached the screen of the file. what i want to do it. when ‘Angel of northern sky’ is clicked, another flash movie loads to the right side box. and in this flash movie there is a scroll bar too. i did that it, it loads even but the scroll bar is not working. can anyone help me with it? :frowning:

no one to help me out… when i go it and when i press the scroll bar (which is there in the loaded movie) it says

Target not found: Target="_root.down2" Base="_level0.empty"

can anyone tell me whats wrong with it
and by the way down2 is the scrollin movie in the loaded movie and empty is the movie to which this movie is being load

Dont’ know if this will help but _level0 = _root or did you already know that? So when you load something into _level0 you are replacing whatever was on the _root level. Try loading into another level? Otherwise post your fla so someone can take a look at it.


ok here is the flash file.

First of all when I test your movie nothing happens? I had to get rid of the mask to see the “Angel of the Northern Sky” button you were talking about :rabbit:

Okay second of all I can’t tell what is going on with the scroll bar without looking at the external file. Can you upload the fla for that as well?

Third - “text” is one of those reserved words for flash internal workings. I would highly recommend NOT using reserved words as instance names or symbol names. Don’t use things like “button” “text” “array” “delete” etc. for names. Just a note of caution


ok here is the other file, but both file should be in one place so it would load it :slight_smile:

ok thanks i will keep that in mind when i work in the future… thanks

Okay this is weird - did you change anything between the angel.swf you gave me in the first batch and the angel.fla you gave me in the 2nd batch? Because when I tested the first angel.swf the poem showed up but when I published the angel.fla you sent the 2nd time and tested it no poem shows?

But anyway, tellTarget is deprecated in flash, meaning it is no longer used. Dot syntax is used instead. So instead of saying:

on(release) {
	tellTarget("ball") {

you would use

on(release) {

That could be all you are missing but its hard to tell since I can’t the poem to show up anymore at all no matter what :frowning:

I also noticed you have code repeated on both files? And you have _root everywhere in your external swf. When you load in that file into your main fla then everytime flash sees _root it will start at the main timeline of the main fla. When you load in an external swf it is no longer its own beast - it has been incorporated into the main fla and is now referenced though the clip you loaded it into. In other words, the path to the movie clip called up2 within angel.fla is _root.up2 but once loaded into poem.fla is now _root.empty.up2

Make sense? :hr:

edit I see the poem now - angel.fla also has a mask on it that I removed to be able to see it - sorry!

ok got some idea let me try and see…

edit: it didnt help me yet… :frowning: can you upload the file that you corrected

Sorry, I haven’t been able to fix it yet, primarily because I’m at work and could only poke at it while eating lunch. I’ll try again when I get home.


ok thanks alot in advance :slight_smile:

So do you need the same code repeated on both flas?


if you want you can change that part. :slight_smile: but later do tell me what you did so i can know in the future

Well are you just trying to load the poem into the main fla and that is all? Or are there other things going on that the code specifies that you need to keep?

its like this… you can see only one poem there, like that there will be lot of poems and when u click a specific poem it loads to the right side area

So why not have everything on the main fla and then load the text dynamically?
You don’t have to do it that way of course, just curious if all the code on the external swf was setting up something else.


if u have a better way to do it you can show that way to me :slight_smile:

Okay, let me mock something up real quick to show you. I’ll keep it simple as i still don’t understand what all the extra code you have in there does - why so many frames? Is it just to keep certain movie clips from showing up until a certian time?


ok thanks in advance u got the idea so just tell me a new way to do it. thats the way that came to my mind, cos i dont want the movie to be that big im loadin other clips to it

Hey silence, sorry I couldn’t get more together - I ran out of time. I’m leaving early tomorrow morning for a week-long conference in California and I’ve got to get some stuff done before I go.

I got the file working so make sure you take a look at the code on angel. I moved the masks just to be able to see what I was doing so that’s why they are off to the side.

I changed the code on all the frames of the “up2” and “down2” MCs as well as the code on the buttons that scroll the text up and down. I got rid of the tellTarget line and changed it to dot syntax with the path to the “empty” movieclip that is on the poem fla --> _root.empty.up2.gotoAndPlay(2) etc.

Sorry I couldn’t do more. If you want to learn about dynamic text check out the tutorials on Kirupa - its nice to have text files that are easy to edit and are outside of your project that you can just load in when you need them. You can also load different ones into the same space that way instead of having to swap out movie clips or whatever.


ummm, guys, is it me, or is your poem.fla white with black border, a header, and registration points when i scrub?!?!?!