Actions dont work when loaded in another movie

I cant figure this out. I have created a scrolling panel, and everthing works just fine. BUT when i load this movie into another movie, it does’nt work anymore. HELP ME!! I’m going nutz! :ninja:
tjek out the att. this first one “faciliteter” is the scrolling movie I’ll post the other one in a minute…

I cant upload the other one, its too big…

Check your target paths - like _level0.mcname.gotoAndPlay for main movie and _level(number) for others - This is a very common question here. Try searching and you might find a thread that helps you.

P.S. People will need both fla’s to help you - try to upload it to some webspace.

There! I stripped it down!! Where is u want me to put target path in the main movie to the others? thought it was enough just to load it in there…
Anyway, try and see this one if u got time!

I’ve changed your fla a bit - I’m not sure if I’d use tweening to scroll the text though. You’re better off using a dynamic text box and scrolling that through custom buttons, or, using the buttons to control the _y of the text.

I’ll put them up in a little while…

Here - let me know if this is what you wanted

I sure will! thx, I’ll have a look at it as soon as possible:)

Thats just it! lot’s of thanks man!! u know your ****!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

- It was actually quite simple - just matter of getting rid of the Flash 4 syntax and using the proper instance name and target path.

now we’re at it, if I want to close the loaded movie, which is the best way to do that? should I just make some empty frames and get a “close” button in that same movie to tell it to go there or is there a better way?!

You can unload it from “contents” or load anothe in it’s place.

Heres a fla I did for someone

thx! I’ll tjeck it out!