Urgent....Pleeeease Help

Hi Guys ,
I am trying to create .txt file dynamically from a Flash projector exe on to the local system for a game, Wherein the score and the players name should be stored.
I have tried using the Loadvariable POST method to no avail. CAn anyone please help me through with this problem.


Where have all the gurus gone…My Lords! I seekth thy help at this wee hour. May you have mercy on this poor soul and blesseth me with thy Graciousness.

Hey raj,
I think I’ll move this to the ActionScript forum. You may have better luck having this question answered over there.

Kirupa :asian:

I dont know how this works in projector, but it sounds like you can just store the values using shared objects. I believe that if you that withing your code, projector will carry that through. There is a tutorial on shared objects in this site.

I already have a thread there in the ACTIONSCRIPT. and moreover i have found the solution for this problem from one of the GODS there.

The solution for Saving data on HDD directly from Windows Projector can be downloaded from "http://tibalt.phpwebhosting.com/flash/files/fstools.zip", where one of the GODS has Created a collection of tools for EXE projector.

Fs Tool uses Macromedia Flash’s Fs Command to save variables to hard disk,
delete files, open files, append files, and copy files.

So Let ROCK & PRAY Now,