Urgent: XP Standard VGA Driver

Hello, I have uninstalled 3rd party video card drivers, and I’m reinstalling the default ATi drivers. During the installation it tells me that I must first install the default VGA Drivers. Windows seems to have overwritten the default VGA Drivers with the third party drivers which I uninstalled… So now Windows can’t find any VGA driver at all.

Can someone tell me where to get the Default Windows XP VGA Driver or post it?

Thank you very, very, very much!

(I’m in 640x480 resolution right now and in safe mode lol)

Hey terminator!
I don’t have the option for Standard VGA either, but I’m wondering - are you on a laptop by any chance? If you are, extract your ATI drivers to a folder (Winzip can do that for you) and run this program: http://www.driverheaven.net/patje/

ATI doesn’t allow it’s Catalyst drivers to be installed on their Mobility series of cards without having the INF files modded by a 3rd party program. I found the laptop manufacturers’ drivers are SOO far outdated to actually help.


And if you’re not on a laptop, Google would be thy savior:

http://www.jetway.com.tw/evisn/download/driver/VGA/ There are ATI VGA drivers there

Too lazy to find more, but if you really need it, I’ll pull out my Windows XP CD and start sifting through the i386 folder. :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome thanks!! Yes, Sony provides really outdated drivers, and I kept emailing them saying it’s their responsibility to provide proper customer support but they mainly told me to stop messaging them because they didn’t want to do anything about it.

It worked like a charm… Except for the fact that now I can only use two resolutions: 800x600 and 1024x768. I used to use 1280x1024 and higher. Do you know how I can access the resolutions yet again?


Hmm - that’s odd. I never did experience that problem before. You may want to try some 3rd party ATI mod utilities that allow you to select any resolution. Those display all the resolutions that can be displayed, in other words, not just what the ATI driver thinks you should be displaying in :slight_smile:

While on this topic can anyone help me…

When i put my res to 1024x768 or higher i get like scanlines across my screen which are really annoying…

I just have the default windows xp driver installed but i think thats my problem