Kirupa: Win XP

As you said s’where you’re using xp, i was wondering how and where and if you got all the necessary drivers for our hardware, coz i was thinking 'bout upgrading too?!
Or isn’t it any better than win 2k? if it is, which features?

Hey eyezberg,
After Flash, computer hardware/tweaking is my other obsession. Windows XP includes a very good set of drivers that support most of your hardware. The level of support XP has varies on the hardware you have.

I primarily download the video drivers, modem drivers (if you are on dial-up), and sound drivers. A great place to check out is Download their small activeX application and then run the program. The program automatically scans your PC and provides the appropriate links for new/updated drivers and patches for your hardware and software.

you cant get any support for HP products yet [barealy any i should say] so i cant upgrade without losing my monitor and graphics card [its an OEM Geforce2]

btw i love your new sig.

Hey mehoo,
Dell won’t support XP either. But, why would you need support anyway? A clean install with XP in it should not cause too many problems on a comp. You could try downloading the latest video and monitor drivers and then install them after XP is loaded.

All nVidia cards have a unified driver. Go to and download the latest Drivers for your card. the nVidia drivers offer over 50% performance increases if you are still using the default HP drivers. Almost all monitors are recognized by XP. You should have no problem there!


like i said =] HP doesnt support win xp yet. hence i own an HP… and i cant use any other drivers for my HP monitor [none are around] or my OEM [means its a piece of crap that has less features] graphics card. i installed the latest detonators and it crashed me. i tried teh generic HP monitor drivers… none worked… i had a big bad 8 bit color going for the day i had XP =]

i eventually fixed it somehow… but it caused errors on startup. i loved xp’s style… and the ability to burn cd’s from My Computer. but other than that… its kinda lame =] it didnt support my graphics card and that was the worst… most importantly it didnt support OPEN GL on the card. THAT sucks… Maya runs solely on open gl and wouldnt even load up in XP.

That’s too bad :frowning: