I have a wmv (windows media audio/video) format video file
If i import it to flash and create a swf file,
it takes up more space
I don’t want to lower the quality of video or audio

How do i load a wmf or any other format movie from a specific location(eg. same directory) to a swf and play it?

Any ideas?

use flix download a trial ten import it into flash

thx, but as i said, i don’t want to change the quality of the movie.
and i don’t want to transform it to swf either.

I want to load a wmv or a mpg or any other format to swf
(Like loading swf into swf)

Thanx anyway

Somebody please help

i dunno if u can do it ut import ur move into flash and export it as a avi through publish settings by the way will write the code fr my button to stop going coz i need onclipevent in it


I’ve coded my movie down to 3 MB
If i import it to flash and create a swf it takes up ~ 30MB of the same quality (100%)
So i want to put the 3 MB movie in to the swf

fuk knows!!! i cant spell flash