Url buttons

I am new to this (obviously) and I am having troubles with a button that is suppose to link one url to another. when ever I make a button- the “on mouse event” is blanked out where I cant use the script. I then delee the old one make a new one and I can use the “on mouse event”; but when I export the movie and test it in a browser enviroment, it doesnt work.
I know this is a long question- but thanks

wut is the code on your button? what are you trying to open using that button? and are yous ure you are creating a button the first time? because it should not be blacked out if it truly is a button.

You have to put the absolute path to make it work on the net.

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yes- I am sure it is a button- I can edit it as a button, and the 'instance" states it as a button.
but the “on mouse event” is still blanked out…

Take the black arrow tool, click on something else, anything you want, then click back on your button and press Ctrl + Shift + A. If you can’t open the on mouse events, send a letter to macromedia, or post the fla.

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PS : You have to see OBJECT ACTIONS PANEL and not FRAME ACTIONS PANEL written.