URL TO HTML TO FLASH.. possible? YES! but in blank page?

hey Kirupa/Fox reading this… got a problem here of course… check this out… i got my flash site showing with two html frames… one on top and the other @ the bottom cool? ok… when browsing in the flash section, i have a textfield that’s loaded with HTML and some links in em… everything seemed to be good till i had clicked on one of the links and noticed that i wouldn’t open a blank page as i asked it to do in the html source! so that means i have a problem because if i do click on the link the middle page (the flash/ main body) only changes and both top and bottom frames don’t… in conclusion… is there a way i could open a blank page when having a link written in HTML and browsed in Flash (in the textfield)?? anyone?? thanx fox!!

good question…seriously <<Scratching head…>>

yeah… i know i can type the **** thing in flash instead and use the programming language for the “_Blank” page… but then again… i loose practicality when i want to update! my thoughts were to just simply rewrite text files u know… anyone else?

Have you tried entering this: ‘<a target="_blank" href="link">www.kirupa.com">link</a>’ Take the ’ and ’ out when you are trying it in Flash. The above code is the HTML used for creating a link to open in a blank page.