User/password problems

 on (release) {
if (password == "password" && username == "user") {
} else {

Im having some troubles making username/password protection. Here’s what I have-

An input textbox with the instance name “username”.

An input textbox with the instance name “password”.

A button with the above actionscript in it.

Three frames, each with a stop(); script in them. Frame number 2 has the word ‘correct’ written in it, frame number 3 has ‘wrong’ written in it.

From what I see, there isnt anything wrong with this. Problem is, when I actually try to use it, it always goes and plays frame 3, and frame 3 only. Even if I type the username and password correctly. So in other words, it always plays the ‘else’ part. I tried putting the three into different scenes. One for the input, one for correct and one for wrong. I then put a stop(); function into each of them. Finally I identified them correctly (gotoandplay(“correct”, 1); etc.

It still came up with the “incorrect” path, even if I typed everything in correctly. I also tried changing the username and password, but it still came up with ‘wrong’. What’s going on?