User-updatable text fields

Okay…so i’ve been working on this for a while without much luck… I’m working on a site where the client would like be able to update one of the sections themselves once a month. It’s REALLY straightforward - just text in columns like so:

Date 1 Time 1 Location 1 Name 1
Date 2 Time 2 Location 2 Name 2
Date 3 Time 3 Location 3 Name 3
Date 4 Time 4 Location 4 Name 4
…and so on for as many items as there are that month…

How can I set this up so it’s easily updatable by the user (who has basically no Flash knowledge whatsoever). It doesn’t have to be elegant, I’m just getting frustrated and would love some help! Maybe is there a simple form I can set up where they could enter text into each field and click a submit button and have it saved to a .txt file on the server which is then read from my flash file? i’m open to anything!

clintob :cool: