Using Buttons to goto separate frame

This questions has already been posted but I’m still having trouble with it so I will paste the original question here and then add to it…

Original Question: Can you set the button action to load the URL in a different frame in a frameset? I tried _parent setting but it opens in a new window. I have a frame on the left side and one on top for a banner area. I want the movie in the side frame to load pages in the main or below the banner frame I appreciate any help thank you !!!

Original Response: all you need to do is name the frame (something like “main” or “content”) and set this as the target, instead of blank or top or whatever

My question: I named the frame “content” and set the target as “_content”. It still opens a separate window as if it were a _blank command. Am I doing something wrong? Should I put something different in the target field? PLEASE HELP!!