Using as a testbed...SOLVED

EDIT: I was able to work out this issue. I had to change the <div>'s at the bottom to . I also think (but am not sure) that the spacing on the return statements is important. It seems to require them to be on the same line…

return ( <div>

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I am trying to complete Chapter 4 in Learning React…

I have seen the errata and have another issue. I am only seeing plain, unformatted text in the output. I am using as my development platform and have entered the following in the JS window. Prior to using letterStyle, the formatting was correct…what am I missing?

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class Letter extends React.Component {
  render() { 
    let letterStyle = {
      padding: 10,
      margin: 10,
      backgroundColor: "yellow",
      color: "green",
      display: "inline-block",
      fontSize: 32,
      textAlign: "center"
    return ( 
      <div style={letterStyle}>

ReactDOM.render( <div id="container">
  </div>, document.querySelector("#container") );

Glad you were able to resolve it, but it doesn’t have to be on the same line. For example, this works: