Using components

I have completed the components tutorial and I am still in the deepest of darkness.

What I need for a website is a form with:

Dates to and from (accomodation website-you got it)

Submit button, which when pressed send the info to an email address.

If there is anyone out there that can help explain this to a monkey then feel free.

Another idea would be to publish an excel work sheet on the site with the current bookings, which is then automatically updated each time the excel file is updated.

Bugger, I feel so useless.

Hey there, don’t fret. Dig a little and you’ll get it going.

Ultimate solution?

Flash and PHP, trust me! A little frustrating at first, because you probably don’t know PHP… but, if you know a little a/s, then PHP will come to you. If you don’t, then learn one or the other, as they are pretty similar.

The premise:

gather your variables in your input boxes
when you press your button, the values of those variables (Name, datefrom,dateto, email) will be sent to the PHP page by using either loadvariables, or LoadVar()

then, you tell PHP to submit mail using the variables provided by Flash.

BTW, Im not the PHP king. I had a need, and had to start learning. Still in the process.

PHP is free, btw…

there is a tutorial on for a email form u can edi it to your requirments an they sho how to edit the actionscript

make sure your server can take php sum cant geocities etc


I’d have to agree with the other guys - PHP is the way to go. I’ve used it a bit in the past and it’s quite versatile once you get the hang of it.

Have a look at for some tutorials and helpful stuff.

If one were thinking of learning either PHP or ASP, is there a big difference one way or another?

PHP is so much easier than ASP, and it seems to behave better. The other thing is that PHP and Actionscript are very similar. If you know your way around the a/s, you will quickly pick up on PHP.

Well, you’ve sold me :slight_smile: Thanks.

PHP ~ C language -> clean and easy, lots of functions
ASP ~ Virtual Basic -> strange syntax, no ; , no functions…

Go for PHP, it’s 100 times better.

pom :asian:

So many fun things to learn and so little time. I gotta get crankin’ :slight_smile: