Forms with components

I did the Tutorial “Forms with Components” on this page. I was wondering, is it possible instead of printing the information on the screen when pressing the button you can have it send to you in an email when pressing the button.


Do you know how to send an email from Flash? If you do, well, it’s a piece of cake, and if you don’t, then search a bit on this forum, there are links to good tutorials.

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Yes I do know how to send an email, I know it has something to do with that but I can’t figure it out. Maybe you can give me an example…I’m really stuck here.


Well if you know how to send an email, I really don’t see where the problem is. With your usual form, you get the destination address, the subject and the content. And you send it to a PHP script, right? Well here it is exactly the same, except that you have to make the content yourself. And even that it already made in the tute (this is what is displayed in the textbox).

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I just worked through this for a form I am working on.
It consists of 9 pages, each page is a seperate movieClip
Within each page I have several checkbox components w/ the following code attached to each one:

on (press){
_global.bcpageEightUtility = this.getValue();
if (_global.bcpageEightUtility = O) {
_global.bcpageEightUtility = null;
} else {
_global.bcpageEightUtility = “Utility / Electrical room”;

I used the getValue() to return the on or off (0 or 1) of the button using the full path to the component instance name.
Then on page 9 my submit button is on the main timeline and I use this script:

bcpageEightUtility = _global.bcpageEightUtility
getURL (“design_questionnaire.php”, “”, “POST”);

Which sends the variable to my PHP script.

I am currently finishing up the form but you can see the functionality of it over at:
There is a “DQ” button in the top left corner.

Hope this helps!!