Using Elements

If you need an image editor and don’t want to have the high cost associated with Photoshop, there is an alternative in Elements. Most people skoff at the idea, but that is because most people don’t know what Elements can do.

I use it for web graphics and image editing all the time.

Check out this resource for some free tools and see about the book The Hidden power of Photoshop Elements 2:

Ask if you have any questions.

I did try photoshop elements - i agree it’s better than what I expected, especialy the tool that let’s you create panoramas with all your photos… I too recommend it for people who wish to do some photo enhancement but it still hasnt the power of PS and all the tools (i think the pen tool and shapes are only on PS)

"it still hasnt the power of PS and all the tools "

Not really true. I wrote a whole book about making Elements work like Photoshop…and you can edit paths, do CMYK, work with channels, use masking, channel mixing, color balance, curves, calculations…it is just a matter of technique.

Adding the ability to play actions gives you just about everything you need in Elements. maybe you should look at the site before you just decide that it couldn’t possibly happen?