Using embedded fonts on loaded file

I am building a website with custom fonts, and I am embedding them on the library and accessing with TextFormat.font. However, my root file is supposed to be VERY small and it’s only purpose is to load other .swf files (the website is entirely modular).
Then I have several files loaded by the root, which will use the same font, and I don’t feel like embedding the same font on every file. Thus, I am tryin to figure a way to embed all the needed fonts on a file, say, fonts.swf, so that I can reference to the fonts, and preload them very easily.
However I could not as of now find a way to do that, and I am beginning to think that’s not possible.
Does anyone have some experience with that, or could provide me with some information? Also, TextFormat.font can not reference a absolute or relative path? I have tried searching the web, but no luck yet…

Thanks, in advance!