Using Scrollbar to Control Embeded .MOV

I made a video player for my skate team site, and it works fine, but I thought, ‘Hey, how about we add a scroller to it!’
Well, that turns out to be harder then I thought. I’ve been searching for the past 3 days on how to do this, have searched all through these forums, all through TutorialForums, FlashKit, all sites that could have a way to do it. None do.

Since the movie is embeded, (they are all QuickTime movies), it is controled by the frames. What I have been trying to do is make a scrollbar that when dragged will scroll across each frame in the movie, and will move along with the movie as it plays.

Here is a sample of the movies that are up so far, followed by an example of what I’m trying to achieve

If anyone knows how to do this please let me know. I haven’t been using Flash to long, if its easy, forgive me.
Thanks in advance!