Using the Cache Api with only a web worker

I’m new to PWA’s and am working on my first one. I’m at the point where decisions have to be made on storage. I understand to use a service worker in say, Heroku, you have to have an SSL certificate. And to have an SSL in my host, they require a static Ip. These things cost monthly. I’m currently not working, and would like to avoid these costs, but yet have the offline functionality of a PWA.
Has anyone ever tried using a web worker to write to the Cache API to save static files? Not images, etc, but just the shell.

You need to have SSL for taking advantage of any of the Service Worker-like capabilities including the Cache API. There isn’t a whole lot you can do to bypass that outside of being on localhost for local development. One approach you could do is use localstorage, but there is a limit to how much space you can use for it.

You didn’t actually read the body of my post, but no worries. I appreciate the response just the same…

I understand that you won’t be able to use SSL, and my response was explaining that without SSL you can’t use the Cache API. Is there an additional detail that I may have missed?