Using XML, I want to bring in images into a movie clip. How

I’ve narrowed down my frustration with XML into two parts.

  1. I want to bring in a series of images, thumbnails, into a movieclip that can be scrolled. How do I load in images into movie clips… Is there a way to do this dynamically? Or do I have to put a variety of mc’s on the stage and give them instance names?

  2. I want to control the layout of my thumbnails. So that one is a few pixels down from the other. But I’d like to do this dynamically, with code, so that if the number of thumbnails change, it will stay in the right format.

To me, this is the major functionality I need to sort out in order to utilize XML.


Not to come off as rude or anything, but you kind of need to get started a little bit and be a bit more specific about your problems, code wise. It’s a little bit defeating to answer a post like this because what you’re essentially asking is for someone to tell you how to code your stuff :confused:

Again, sorry if that comes off as arrogant or whatnot, but there are a myriad of tutorials on the web and google finds a lot of them. Livedocs has excellent information and examples regarding the xml class and for/while loops as well…

I have searched a number of tutorials but I have yet to have a clear understanding of these two points. I feel like my questions are specific and yes I am asking for someone to teach me how to do this.