V2 ComboBoxes, What the heck?

I have this glitch in a shopping cart I have made for this website. The cart.swf file (which contains the comboboxes) is loaded into the framework.swf file using a MovieClipLoader.

The Issue: Sometimes, the comboBoxes either don’t drop down, or they leave behind the rectBorder after they are clicked, as illustrated in the picture above.

I already found the issue with V2 components requiring this._lockroot = true, and have placed this code in the root of the cart.swf file. Most of the time the comboboxes work just fine (in flash testing environment, firefox, most of the time in ie), but sometimes in IE, this issue occurs. This is very bad, because if someone wants to buy a product and the comboBoxes won’t drop down, I could get seriously sued for causing my client to lose customers.

If anyone could please shed any light on this issue, or if there are any other known issues with the V2 components that you know of, I would very much appreciate. Thanks so much!