Variables in new attachMovie not working

Hey guys, first post on this forum from me… I’ve been looking for an answer to this, and I’m more used to flash5 and I’m using flashMX right now (I don’t know if that is the problem, or if I’m just missing something obvious).

_root.attachMovie("mcButtonOrange", "mcButtonOrange"+num, num, {btnLevel:num})
_root["mcButtonOrange"+num]._x = _x +_width*num
_root["mcButtonOrange"+num]._y = _y
trace("btnLevel "+_root["mcButton"+num].btnLevel)

Hopefully the problem with this code is obvious to someone out there, but it isn’t to me. This code is in a movie clip. When it runs, it applies the correct x and y coordinates to every instance that is created (this code is in a “while” loop), but I can’t get any value to be passed or retrieved from .btnLevel. Very frustrating.

Can anyone please help? Thanks so much!