I have made a shoppingcart in FlashMX, but I’m encountering some problems…

I have 4 textfield (dynamic).

  • Total Items
  • Total Price
  • Total Discount
  • Total

The first on displays the number of items
The second one the total price
The third one the total discount
The fourth one should display:

Total Price - Total Discount

I gave the textfields Instance names and variable names and for input in the shop I use the combobox component Flash has (named Banditbox and banditbox2).
I want the following thing to happen:
When I press a button, I want the script to do:

Total Items + Banditbox
Total Price + 399
Total discount + 100
Total = Total Price - Total Discount

I’ve tried loads of stuff (using global variables and textbox variables, but I can’t get it working :()

Could anyone help me out?

Here is the source:

(other hints, tips also welcome)
P.S. I think I want to use global variables since the can be accessed from anywhere
P.P.S. I know this should be easy stuff, but I can’t seem to solve it :smiley: