Vector Art Images

These are some my latest vectors. Including one of me and my friend, there are not as good as the porshe, but well they are my babys, my 10th and 11th attempts…

5th vector, one true vector and other pixel photoshop image it was for the famous Angelina Jolie, a simple website i tried doing it failed.

10th vector, used Flash MX, and an image of google of some guy my sister was looking at on her history, i have no idea who the original image was it was smaller then this, and had a green background and another person in it

At a halloween party, me and my friend sam went to a rock hangout for teenagers, I created this using photoshop layers, its pixelated, not a true vector when it saved (the psd file which is now in illustrater contains the true vector layers, its a 12mb file!)

This last one was my 12th of Snape (Professor Snape) from the Harry Potter books, its a harry potter vector art, I made for my forum,
Here it is

I used Freehand, which is quite hard at first, but once you get used to ctrl+z alot, it gets pretty easy!

What do you think kirupa?