Very easy Question Help

I’m working on a Resume has 2 scenes

1 scene introduction

2 scene resume

in the scene 2 I have some squares shapes, and on each square I put a word (Objective, Experience, ext…) How can i make it to when the pointer rollover this square become big with the respective text on it.
how can i make it a button and twenn to a biger square at the same time.

I made it like this:
on Scene 2 each square convert it to a buttons and goto scene 3
and on scene 3 have the text
but i like to keep it small with only 2 scenes
if you have some sugestions thanks.

im not completely sure what your doin but I would just have your squares and when the mouse goes over jst increase the size of the square or summet Im not sure ho to do it on partcular scene probably actionscript or something like that.


here is an extremely crude version. If you can’t figure it out, let me know. BTW, I did this for someone else with a similar question last week.

Heres how I interpreted your question. Lemme if this is is what you wanted.