VERY VERY VERY newbie question

okay as you can see on my website ( :slight_smile: ) i am a big big big flash newbie… and as you can also see… i cant get the loading thing to work :frowning: … let me lay down what i have…

in frame one of the loading frames i have–

ifFrameLoaded (60) {

at the end of the loading section i have–


these action scripts are all applied to my loading layer… please help and check out my site to see the live problem haha

use the tutorial on percentage loader i wrote it

thanks but i have some frames i want to make the loading section… i have 10 frames that have a dot moving back and forth… they are all keyframes… how to i make it so that is the preload part? like what scripts do i need? anyone? thanks!

highlight the keyframes and cut them, then paste them into a new movie clip.

ahhh im dumb i cant get any of this right—

can someone just make a simple movie with a few frames as the loading and upload the fla file?? that way i can just copy the scripts and anything else there is … i am so sorry thanks for everyones help even though i couldnt get it to worK:*(

well thanks again
for the next helper just upload an fla file with a buncha frames as a loading section

just go to the tutorial on this site and all the scripts are there for you to copy into your actions… along with detailed instructions on how to modify everything.