I don't know how to make loading page

How do you make a “now loading” page for the flash movie that knows when all the kilobytes have been loaded into computer? I see EVERY flash site has a "loading’ page, help me make one! My sites don’t have one, so you just wait very long with no image on screen, HELP!

Dunno Ask Flash Kit!!

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To answer the question it’s quite easy.

  1. leave your first frame blank.
  2. in frame 2 enter in the following action script

If (framesLoaded!=0&&framesLoaded==totalFrames){

  1. in frame 3 enter in the following action script


What this does is set up a loop. The playhead reaches frame 2 and looks to see if the framesLoaded is not equal to (!=) 0, then it also checks to see if framesLoaded IS equal to the total number of frames. If both of these are “true” then it will move the playhead to frame 4, where you can then start your movie… if either of the statements comes out false, it moves the play head back to frame 2, where it loops again until both actions are met.
The reason for the “framesLoaded!=0”, is this. Sometimes when flash first starts loading, it hasn’t gotten a full scope of how many frames there are… in fact, until it knows, it assumes that there are 0. So, in the first second of load time, the flash player may see 0 frames total, and 0 frames loaded. So if only the second section of the command where required to be true, it would instantly move to frame 4… and your preloader wont work.

You may currently be unaware of how to enter action script. If so… just let me know, I’ll give you a basic run down of how it works.