Video Flash?

I was directed to this forum by a friend yesterday, so I apologize if this question is a repeat.
Can streaming video be converted to a flash format? If so, what player can adapt to it? If not, what is the best format to use for streaming for bandwidth v. quality v. cost to operate? I hope someone knows and can help me out here.

Come on ladies and gentlemen, someone has to know if this can be done or not. Please someone help out here. I know a good pecentage of you are probably rewriting flash to make it better or working on coding the next big thing. Are there any inherent traits in flash that would prevent this? The only answer I got was “Good question, I have no idea.” Sorry if this sounds like a rant, its not intended to be. I just know that someone knows the answer to my riddle and is keeping quiet about it.

I haven’t been on since today, heres what I do,
try Flash Ants for streaming

but if it doesn’t have to be streamed,
I take the Video and covert it into flash. I use a program called swideo…you can find it at

it will take and video file and convert it into a swf, this will also dramatically reduce the file size of the video, which will make the end user happy. Or just simply import the Video into Flash MX.

either will work

Thank you very much for the response. That is exactly what I needed to know. Just one more question, I haven’t checked the flashants yet, but is there some way to compress a live stream into a smaller format to save on bandwidth? Once again, thank you very much for the info.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I htink you are talking about Flix, which would be what you should use, it is a little pricey however. You can get a trial version of the newest Flix at Kirupa will be doing a review soon I think, but from what I’ve heard it some awesome features.


check this page out… this should tell you what you need to know.