Video in CD-ROM Help


I’m building a CD-ROM and have to include 1 video that will probably be compressed to around 35MB-55MB. I’ve changed it from an MPEG to an FLV file and at first was trying to load it dynamically using NetStream but do to my limited knowledge of Actionscript have been unable to successfully code the video control so I decided to take a step back and figure out a different solution.

So based on Muzaks Video Control component (a little dated but works geat) over at i’ve been able to easily import an FLV file and simply make sure the instance names match up on the component and the video and voila…video controls that work with the FLV file. Now the downside to this is that it’s 1 video and adds 30MB to the swf file which causes a delay when opening the projector file. So from here, what I have done is isolate the video component and the video in an external swf and use loadMovie to pull the video in when needed. This solves one problem which is keeping the base projector filesize down under 1MB which ensures a quick launch but i’m still left with a long pause when trying to access the external swf video.

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to proceed. If I should just slap on a preloader so you can see the progress made loading the external swf or if I should scrap this altogether and start over.

I tried for days to figure out this NetStream stuff and am really discouraged at this point. Although that would be the most ideal solution I simply am not able to get it to work so this was the next best option. Like I said before, it’s only 1 video so if someone could help me out, I’d really appreciate it.