Video with MX

i want to play an externel Avi file with Flash MX how can i do that, i precise that i don’t want to import the video file into the flash file. but playing it as an external file

i know that if i import the avi file into flash and i export it like swf, i can use loadmovie from the main flash movie but i don’t want to import it, because i have many avi files in a directory and i want to play these files from flash without importing them…

i want to create a like slide show but for the video
if you have any idea please let me about

i believe you can just do a simple getURL(“” , _blank)

this should open a new window and play the avi … provided the user has the quick time plugin.

that should do what you want but i hate making users download more plugins than they have to so if you can import them into flash i think you should.

here is a possible work-around for your problem of having a huge directory of avi files. make and export an swf movie for each avi file … just put a preloader and then the movie in each swf file. then you can load those files when the user clicks on them. that way you can get the look and feel of your interface with the avi movie and not have to load each and every movie when you first go to the site.

hope this helps
good luck

I agree with Shuga on the last portion, I just finished a simulation with avi files, I found that when I imported them into flash and exported them to their own swfs,

the file sizes were much smaller than if you were to just have an avi on a html page. that will make the end user happier, just put a preloader on each one and have them loaded into the main swf, works much better…peace JesseH

yes i agree with you about converting the avi files to swf, am trying now flash studiopro and i will tell you after what’s possibilities can offert this soft to resolve my problem

if you find another idea please let me in
thanks for all

you can convert them easy with this Swideo version 2 or 3 you can get it at