View source

Hi all,

i am having this problem where i can’t view source for any webpages… i have tried right click view source and also view->source but i don’t knwo why it won’t show me… is it something to do with my browser setting?


Yes it is your browser Ikw. Your internet cache is probably at its full capacity. Just empty it by going into internet options. Regularly delete it because if you go on many sites, it stacks up.

Aha! Same here! Hadn’t been able to do that either, but I didn’t bother asking someone about it coz I didn’t really care… I see, lemme try emptying the cache…

You will notice when your internet cache is full when images on websites you visit seem to be loading slowly regardless of your internet speed. You can either regularly delete the cache or increase its cache capacity.

Wow, it took like four minutes or something to delete all those files, and indeed, I can view the source again now… Thanks for the advice man :thumb:

cool thanks it works now… i just decreased the size to 1mb… but i didn’t delete anything

No problem guys :wink: