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Alright, I want to make it so that the person watching the movie can draw in an area i designate, anyone have an idea how to pull this off? im not sure myself and would like to know if anyone could help out. Kind’of like but of course using flash instead java or whatever it is they’re using.


tell me if this is what you mean:

If this is what you want to do, than send me an email and i’ll email you the FLA.

like the tripod one but i plan to make it like a message board and the viewer uses this to draw with.

This is excellent, I’ve been looking for just this application. I need to know if anyone can direct me to a tutorial that would also allow to draw a circle, or perhaps what kind of mods can be done to this tutorial to add that capability.

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You mean something like a circle tool?

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Yes, that’s right. A very simple drawing application, where you can draw straight lines & circles.

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**You mean something like a circle tool?

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Sure you want this with Flash 5? :frowning:

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Well, not sure. I want to have a web-enabled drawing application. Simple, not too sophisticated. Can you recommend a different techology that can also be web-enabled?

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**Sure you want this with Flash 5? :frowning:

Oh no, I just meant it would be easier with Flash MX, that’s all… It depends on what version you have.

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Putting this code in the first frame of your animation will allow you to drag circles on the scene. Fun!

MovieClip.prototype.drawCircle = function(r, x, y){
		this.moveTo(x+r, y);
		this.curveTo(r+x, -0.4142*r+y, 0.7071*r+x, -0.7071*r+y);
		this.curveTo(0.4142*r+x, -r+y, x, -r+y);
		this.curveTo(-0.4142*r+x, -r+y, -0.7071*r+x, -0.7071*r+y);
		this.curveTo(-r+x, -0.4142*r+y, -r+x, y);
		this.curveTo(-r+x, 0.4142*r+y, -0.7071*r+x, 0.7071*r+y);
		this.curveTo(-0.4142*r+x, r+y, x, r+y);
		this.curveTo(0.4142*r+x, r+y, 0.7071*r+x, 0.7071*r+y);
		this.curveTo(r+x, 0.4142*r+y, r+x, y);
	var dx=_xmouse-x;
	var dy=_ymouse-y;

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My final plan was to make something like that on but with flash and some basic drawing tools. Although im gonna make it more of a message board than anything else. If anyone would like to help me on this, please email me at [email protected]. Thanks again fellas

i had formatted my computer and was using a email proggy on it that i had the source saved in. could you resend it again please? thanks again

Hey Thank for your help. I’m a bit of a newbie, so I have one other question (general question). I would like to know how to scale a movie clip within a flash movie.

I know that doesn’t make much since, so here’s an example, I want to drag a movie clip that’s looks like an ARROW onto a field. I then want to scale the arrow to fit between two points. The arrow will be one size, and I want to allow the user to scale it up or down depending on the other elements in the file.


hey, someone had sent me a source before but before i could back it up, my computer was virally infected and i had to format, whoever sent it, please send again to [email protected]

thanks fellas, soon as i finish everything i’ll toss a link up with the final product