Virtual Bingogame!


Is this the place? or another forum?

I help a non-profitorganisation for older
people, here in Sweden older people loves the Internet…

We are building a “hangout” for this Older ( youngharted )

They love Bingo and they wont the game om the Internet

We would like to build something like BingoCanada but
without the chatt and multilpayer possibilitis.

Just a number of balls coming out from a pipe, and chance
to check that the numbers are right

Visit this link a klick on Bingo button

Can this be done?

Mvh Swed

Yeah it’s possible. For a basic game you’d just need an array of all the possible numbers, a random function to pull one out then remove it from the array, and your graphics / movies to animate it.

Have you any examples of the actionscripting used for this bingo game or do you know of any tutorials?