A true chalange for someone

This is a beginning of a Bingo Game, but there are some things that we need a true Game Guru to help us with…

Modification one: the shouting man needs to be “freeze” when the numbers are checked, how to do that?

Modification two: instead of just two boxes with a letter and one with a number, we Like to have balls rolling out from example a pipe and show the letter/number.

Could someone break the .fla apart and do some thinking?

Thanks for all help in past and in the future


i guess i’m about to brack your challange :slight_smile:

i’m done with the first modification.
the second is a bit harder and will take some time, but i’m working on it, and i will do it :slight_smile:

the problem is that the file is a bit big, and i don’t know where to post it so u can take a look at it. any suggestions on how to fix that :slight_smile:


Any kind of help are wonderfull, take the time och come back

Thanks again