Virus or fixable problem?


When I got up this morning and turned my computer on, the first thing I did was come to Kirupa. While reading one of the posts I saw that one of the words in the post was highlighted so I clicked on it. It brought me to (which I’ve never used) and brought up info as if I had searched for that word. Now random words on every page I go to (even my email) are hightlighted and bring me to the same place. Mostly it is refreshing the page once loaded to replace all the original links with links to I noticed it refreshed after quickly hovering over a link when the page first came up and then again a split second later when the page blinked white and then back again.

Any ideas how to fix this problem? Or what could have caused it? My computer seemed to be perfect when I went to bed last night.

~ Seretha :love: