Volume down

hello there y’all\r\rI have a question… I now know how to put a volume control that can put down a volume sound by means of buttons or scrollers… but what I want to know is how to adjust the volume down a little without 'em. I have this soundclip that is annoyingly too loud for the background music and I want to level it down. Thanks\r\rJohn

you can control the volume in the ‘sounds’ panel.\r:) \rjeremy

any other suggestion? I swear you can’t just put the volume down with the sounds panel can you? you can change the quality but not the volume level…

sinbad’s on the mark,\r\rit’s an “effect”

errrr… anybody wanna talk sense here…?

ok, here it is plain and simple…\r1 - open flash.\r2 - import your sound.\r3 - select a frame.\r4 - open the ‘sounds’ panel.\r5 - select your sound from the drop-down menu.\r6 - click on ‘edit’.\r7 - drag the white square on the left side of each channel of the wave form down to an acceptable level - try halfway.\r8 - click ‘ok’\r9 - test your movie (control+enter).\r\r:) \rjeremy

thanks for that dummified reply… I now got it. :slight_smile:

no problem. it’s actually way more complicated then it should be just to change the volume. they should put a ‘half volume’ setting in that drop-down menu.\r:) \rjeremy