Volume in code

I want to play a loop and some other sounds but only at a low volume as the ones i have a really loud, i just want them so you can just hear them in the background.

I also want the sound to fade in but only fade in to a specific volume.

How do i go about doing this. :beam:

Maybe that’s too hard to do.

What if i can just get something to play at a low volume would that be easier?

You can edit your sounds. Select the sound in the main timeline where it resides (frame whatever). Down in the Properties Panel, there’s a button that reads ‘edit’. Hit that button and a whole window shows up. There is a line that will go through the entire wav and you can move the line to fade in, fade out, lower the volume; what have you. You can even have flash fade in or out or pan or anything for you - as long as it’s not a loop. If it’s a loop, you are going to have to adjust it a different way.

If you want to use code to control your levels, check this out:

There’s a bunch more, do a search of the forums using ‘volume+sound’ - there’s a ton of AS

Ok thanks. Sorry for the newbish question but im just starting up. And im trying to learn descent things as i go along.

I don’t think that’s all too newbish - it’s valid. Besides, I’m still pretty new myself. :beam: