Volume Slider Help Please


Been working on getting the volume slider tutorial working, and I now have a functional volume slider that loads the music, and does what it should…

BUT, when I load this slider into the .FLA I’m working on, it ceases to work properly.

The first problem is that “dl” text shows the following text: “level0.instance1.dl” instead of “downloading song…”

The second problem is that the song never loads.

Now, if I go into the movie clip and edit it as a scene (right-click–> “Edit”), ta-dah everything works fine – if I “Test Scene” the song loads, the text works great, etc. Going back to the main timeline and it stops working.

Nothing pops up as bad when I debug the movie, incidentally.

My guess is that placing this movie clip into a larger timeline breaks the “_root” code somehow, though I was careful to place it on the lowest level and publish settings are Bottom Up.

Can anyone help?


  • jim