Vote: Wallpaper Image Manipulation

First one to get to 40 votes or the highest vote getter by 1/20/2003 wins :smiley:

Here’s the original thread:

For me, it was between Superman and Kman (2) :slight_smile:

YAY! Someone voted for me :smiley:
I voted for kirupa.

hrm, i actually was voted for… (not the one i was expecting, but anyway…)

this things rigged, the guy that copied my design got a vote, and he got a vote on the trippy one with the blue K in the middle, can’t even tell where the mountains are. oh well justice will serve sometime, or not.

woohoo, i dont have any votes. LoL

i voted for Mlkdesign.:slight_smile:

Mlk got my vote, it stood out to me. Very good work :thumb:

I also liked Kirupa (1), simple but has the Kman style :wink:

  • Soul :s:

er, actually I didnt use the mountain photo for the second and third ones, i remember kirupa saying somewheres in the thread that using the image was not necessary… meh, disqualify me if I’m wrong if you want, not gonna win anyway, MLK gots it down!

i think barge should win for sure!!!