W3C disputes "the Eolas patent"

29 October 2003 – The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the global standard-setting body for the Web, has presented the United States Patent and Trademark Office with prior art establishing that US Patent No. 5,838,906 (the '906 patent) is invalid and should therefore be re-examined in order to eliminate this unjustified impediment to the operation of the Web. The W3C is urging US Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property James E. Rogan to initiate a re-examination of the patent because the critical prior art was neither considered at the time the patent was initially examined and granted, nor during recent patent infringement litigation.

Perhaps a glimmer of hope for web designers?


Yay ! :thumb:


Just in case, I’ve been putting everything in a javascript. I made a tool to make up the codes to do just this. Anyone is welcome to use it. Kirupa told me to post it on the forums, but I didn’t really know where. I am, however, happy to hear that we may not have to deal with it anyway. :thumb:


That java generator is great - a very useful/time efficent tool, thanks for posting that for everyone to use!


no problem!

I feel stupid asking this but what is this '906 patent? I read some of the stuff at the link posted and I gathered that it was something bad, but the article didn’t allude to anything specific.

I’m glad they are fighting it, read the article a while ago - and I’m excited to hear about it.

Freddy that’s an awesome tool there yo!
Might want to post it under the web development forum or contact a mod for a good spot! :slight_smile: