Wanna buy Photoshop 7.0

I really want to buy Photoshop7.0 and I have this great offer, but I don’t know whether I can trust it.

He offers me Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Full Commercial OEM for 200$
I mean it is great, but if it is not the Full Version with the Full License it would be really worthless…

What do u guys think about that ?!


Sounds a tad bit illegitimate to me…or maybe it’s an upgrade. You may want to double check that with him =)

I am still interested, but how can you sell the Full License Version so cheap ?

There is no license, this OEM like any other software bundled with a new computer includes only CD with 24-digit installation key.
The Adobe Photoshop 7.0 OEM is available so cheap because a computer manufacturer after purchasing the OEM software from Adobe reduced production plans and is liquidating the existing OEM stock.
This is the same full commercial version sold in stores at $600.
Although you wont be able to register you still could upgrade to next version when available.
The software comes unopened from a famous distributor who is liquidating the software for the manufacturer.
It’s completely legal to use.

So what now ?! :smirk: I guess I should buy it, it is such a amazing price…

i wouldn’t touch that with a 10’ pole

Sounds dodgy to me.

Sounds burny to me.

*Originally posted by electrongeek *
**NO **

Listen to EG.

yeah cuz none of our opinions mean anything :stuck_out_tongue:

Usually when software is sold OEM it is intended to be used only on the PC it came bundled with. Many software companies stipulate that in the EULA. Besides, OEM or not you should be able to register the product. If there is a reason you can not register it, then I would stay away.