Want to download music? come to CANADA!


Check it out :slight_smile:

Now if i could just get that seal to peddal a little faster, my generator would last long enough to get that entire album I have been looking for!


can i give u a list (like 500 songs) and u send me a hard drive? :smiley:

just one more reason for me to move to Whistler…

Oh Canada…:beam:

I really love my country sometimes.

Hahaha! We 0wn! This is great! The RIAA and all those other ones can [voice=“sean connery”]Put that in their straw and SUCK IT[/voice] I agree sintax - Canada really does kick it!

SureShot: you’re still using a seal? I’m powering my computer of the snowmobile I took from an American tourist! He wont be needing it, he fell into my ice fishing hole. (-:


YAY CAnada! i love this country

O’ Canada payes de nos ancetres… (some one else continue) :smiley:

Wow, that’s actually really well thought out… the Canadian government must have realised that they couldn’t hope to stop music piracy so given up and let people do it :slight_smile:

Those are the least stupid politicians I’ve heard of in a while :stuck_out_tongue:

all i can say is wow!