Wanted effect

Check out www.highctr.com

press their profile button, In the bottom left portion of the site, they sorta burn their logo into the background.

What I’m interested in knowing, is if any of you guys would happend to know how to do this?

My guess is they used the drawing API, but to make it fade to another color like that?

I tried making a line just fade to alpha(0), but I just ended up screwing myself and made a line that fades away completely when drawing it…the whole line I mean…

I don’t really know Eilsoe. It is a cool effect though. Maybe you could experiment with this tutorial and see what you can come up with.



I dunno, this is done by tweens…

hmm… there MUST be a way to do this in AS…

[SIZE=1]brain starting to overheat![/SIZE]

the way the fade from red to grey slowly follows the “welder” makes me think masking effect? hmmmm

I dont know how you could do it like you mentioned elisoe, because (as you found) any changes to your API would effect the entire line drawn, not a slow fade… hmmmmm, I’d like to know too!!!


ohhh I hope someone can answer this… I just thought of some cool effects to do with it!!

Yeah that looks pretty cool, u could save the swf file from your temp internet files and import it into flash, if it has a import password, u could get a swf cracker from somewhere, and then u might be able to see if its AS or masking =o)