Warning: 5004

Hi all,

Anyone encountered this error before?

Warning: 5004: The file ‘playerglobal.swc’, which is required for typechecking ActionScript 3.0, could not be found. Please make sure the directory ‘$(AppConfig)/ActionScript 3.0/Classes’ is listed in the global classpath of the ActionScript 3.0 Preferences.

I checked the directory and found that file is in there. I even reinstalled the application only to have that error again later on. It seems to screw up even my Dreamweaver. I noticed its an on/off issue.

Once the error shows up, I notice all the recent files opened list will be empty. And if I restart Flash, sometimes it will work again. I will know it works if I see the recent files list appearing.

This is strange. I can’t seem to find any clue to what’s going on. Anyone can help?