WARNING! Higher learning could cause intelligent thought

[COLOR=red]WARNING![/color] Higher learning could cause you to act in strange ways.

By attending classes, reading books, and through conversation with TAs and Professors, you might notice some changes!

  • I find myself walking around campus looking at the architecture of our buildings and comparing them to each other, and architecture of the past.
  • I also started to classify the plants around campus as being angiosperms or gymnosperms.
  • I know that a prion (denatured protein) causes Mad Cow Disease, and other neurolocial diseases like Scrappie in sheep, and CJD in humans.
  • I notice how people tend to ‘mimick’ each other’s body language and stance when they interact.
  • I can (generally) tell the difference between fake smiles and real smiles.
  • I can read and speak some Italian without help from a translation dictionary.

College is DANGEROUS!! You might learn something…

Be careful or it may consume you too! :cool: