I thought every1 should know about this!!\rDo not visit the site www.lop.com, it can be very dangerous.\rIt will take total contorl of your computer, adding shortcuts to your desktop, delete you programs, kill .dll files. Its very bad. I heard about it on TechTV. So watch it.\r\rTitrationX\rwww.evilattitude.com

I just visited it. Seems like a harmless site…now, time for me to wait and watch my computer melt lol.

I was told not to visit it, we will see what happens, maybe I will check it ou on some school computers. HAHAHA\r\rTitrationX\rwww.evilattitude.com

You can visit Lop.com without any fear because that´s not the way it invades your system, it is by means the instalation of a stupid and useless lop com plug in , that adds as TitrationX wrote all sort of stupid links as ****o, b2b ,etc ; Lop com sponsors some undergound and not undergound free stuff sites , on which plug in is avaible for download;\rAs per lop com support , in answer of a furious message I sent them , your authorization is requested before starting up installation procedures.\rHowever I never downloaded nor installed this stuff , that may have invaded my system through a silly program that promissed to convert rgb digits in hexadecimal values. As I double clicked the exe , something other than the applicative was installed without my control and my IE6 browser came up with historic window opened and link bar full of links. A swf nav bar was added to active desktop; \rI cleared off all that stuff , scanned drivers for viruses , troians etc … but every time I boot , IE6 comes up with historic window and links bar (totally clear) opened. I think I will have to reinstall it.\r\r- Bellow the Lop com email answer to my complaint\r\rHello,\r\r Any changes made to your computer were done so only when you accepted the terms and conditions of one of our various software applications. In those terms and conditions every change that will be made to your computer is clearly stated. If you do not wish to have the changes made to your system then you do not have to install the software. You can press ‘exit’ and no changes will be made. If you have already installed one of our software applications it can easily be removed via the ‘help’ menu on the software then choosing ‘uninstall’ this will remove the software and restore your system to its original configuration. If you are having trouble I have included the address to a stand alone uninstall program at www.lop.com/faq.html for information. It will remove our free software should you not like it.\r\r Please feel free to contact us if you have anymore problems.\r\rBest regards,\r\rMarianne Jane\r[url=“http://www.lop.com”]www.lop.com\rCustomer support\r\r\r

lop.com is evil sh1t man… i accidentally clicked yes when i meant to hit no and it messed up my comp… took me a while to delete all the crap it saved… \r\rBUT they provide a link on their page to completely remove all their software from ur comp… then just run some freeware spyware program to remove the rest…

I was putting the point to not goto the site, its evil spyware. So stay away unless U wanna see ****o pop up every 5 minutes.

Oh, yes I went to it and my computer is crashing, thank God, now I can get this piece of crap out of my room and get a mac…no wait…nothing happened! Dammit!\r\r(5 min later)\r\r@#%$, no **** pop ups either!

spyware sucks, terms of agreements blow. we all have to pay attention to what we do. i always read the fine print, i don’t wanna sign my soul away. you have to be careful out there, especially the net. don’t let any site have you install their $hit cause you don’t know what it could do to you.\rfor me, i know someone whose mother’s credit card number was used to buy some expensive sh1t and they were reluctant to find the thief. this person ordered stuff from the internet a lot, but didn’t know a lot about computers. so my guess was that he mistakenly installed something (like spyware) that found that 16-digit number.

Oh god thank god for posting a way to delete this sh1t from my comp! My stupid dad once entered their stupid site and d/l’ed their stupid plug-in and my comp freaks out! I managed manualy delete some of the program but the only thing left is when I get the “error 404” in Internet Explorer it goes to www.lop.com all the time and I hate it!\rAt last I can now delete this crap, thanks!

Guys every time I remember the episode I swear a lot all lop com staff . Their beloved mothers are having a hard time here.\rIt makes me wish a hacker one of these evenings delete their sh1t site out of web;\r\rCheers\rmmmkt\r

or better, place something on their site so that when they connect to update, it downloads some sort of nastiness onto their computers. The irony would be great. :slight_smile:

they changed some of my crap so heres a brief bit to help somone not so computer savvy to get rid of that crap.\r\rto get rid of lop.com as your home page for explorer, go to ‘my computer’>‘control panel’>‘internet options’>‘default site’ and change it to whatever you want, i prefer google.\r\rthat active desktop pop up search thing:\rgo to ‘start’>‘find’> then search for “lop” it should come up with some lop.exe thing. delete it. that should do it.\rif all else fails you can right click>‘active desktop’ and uncheck the box that says “display as webpage”. \r\rhope that helps, get those @#%$ lop bastards

You should search for desktop.swf (run it and you will see the lop.com flash movie). Delete it from your disk and it will not show up again. Anyone having a suggestion on how to get rid of the lop.com 404 link??

try\rhttp://lop.com/uninstall.exe\rthat should get rid of the annoying 404 link